We are a full service creative agency from the Netherlands.
We design and build unique brands, amazing websites, innovative products and in our spare time we love to play around with some crazy graphics.       


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We are ZIMA, a multi-disciplinary design studio founded back in 2007. We create fresh, designs, build unique brands, amazing websites, innovative products and in our spare time we love to play around with some crazy graphics. Collaborating with a diverse range of brands, from these shores and afar, we've been delivering world class design for 7 crazy years. We love what we do, and we think our clients do too.

ZIMA Design


Here are some samples of our best works & concepts,
showcasing the broad variety of work we have done for our unique and ever growing client base.



ZIMA Process - Research


Before starting the design process, we will explore your target audience and your main competitors, to try to gain an accurate understanding of your business perspective and goals.
The more we know about who you are and where you want to go, the better we can provide your with a tailored design solution.


Design is nothing without the right inspiration. Therefore we would like to get to learn all there is about our clients, to learn what inspires them in life and in business, and to see if we can push that inspiration towards suitable ideas for their design. This way we can make sure our final design speaks to our clients on a deeper, more personal level, instead of just the marketing level of design.
ZIMA Process - Inspiration
ZIMA Process - Create


Following the definitions of our research and inspirations comes the creation of the first visual prototypes of your design. This involves creating, sketching, drawing or any other type of creation that comes to mind to come to a conceptual visualisation. These concept will then go through a refining process in collaboration with the client.


We take pride in delivering our designs in a timely fashion, without compromising quality. Before we start our design process we provide our clients with a custom timeline, in which we define design "checkpoints" and clear deadlines of the delivery of the final design, for which we will do everthing in our power to meet!
ZIMA Process - Deliver
  • Design from the spine and you’ll be fine.

    Carl Heaton

  • The best design tool is a long eraser with a pencil at one end.

    Marty Neumeier

  • Never let the blood show.

    Charles Eames


We are ZIMA, two sisters who share a passion for design and an eye for creative possibilities.

Together we love to tackle any style project we can get our hands on.

Don't make something unless it is both necessary and useful;
but if it is both necessary and useful, don't hesitate to make it beautiful.

Kirstin Zimmerman

ZIMA Design - Kirstin Zimmerman ZIMA Design - Kirstin Zimmerman

Britta Zimmerman

ZIMA Design - Britta Zimmerman ZIMA Design - Britta Zimmerman


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