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LAR Refurbishment Specialists Corporate Identity

LAR is a specialized Design Build firm whose principles have 60 plus years combined experience in the condominium industry. They are known for their ability to translate their client’s needs to deliver quality workmanship, functionality and inspiring design solutions. I started out with LAR by creating a series of eye-catching mailing campaigns and ads to activate and engage the right target audiences in the Greater Toronto Area.

LAR was looking for a high-end refurbishment of their own brand, which resulted in an entire new corporate identity, that truly communicates what LAR does and to attract the right target audiences. Redesigning the LAR corporate identity included a new logo design, stationery, communication materials and a new website. I have also created a special emailing to communicate LAR’s rebranding to their customers and stakeholders.

You can view the new LAR Refurbishment Specialists website here: